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The Reality Show cover

The Reality Show

The Whole Package is a classy reality TV show centered on women who overcame hardship. Who is most worthy of the million-dollar prize? Contestant, Carrie Carnegie, an emotionally distant socialite, doesn’t believe she’ll give into the catty behavior of the reality show. Despite the show's altruistic premise, Carrie is cruelly manipulated into performing for the viewers, who eat up her romance with the handsome judge. She realizes this manipulation isn't new. She's been shoved one way or another most of her life; her existence feels like a puppet on strings. How can she keep her head above it all? Especially when the longer she’s on the show, the more she realizes she’s morphed into a Reality TV Star.

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The Whole Package cover

The Whole Package

Carrie Carnagie is in quandary; she wants to feel powerful, but her love for The Reality Show judge, Ethan, makes her wonder: was any of her time on television real? Can she count on Ethan's feelings being mutual? Especially now she has new opportunities at love everywhere she looks. Trained to see the manipulation she lived in for years, Carrie realizes how much of her life is contrived by others. Her doubts and insecurities force her to face her own reality, which means tossing out the cold, impenetrable front she has hidden behind for so long. When the genuine, vulnerable yet shrewd Carrie emerges, where will her life lead?

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